Health and safety in the workplace

In our system, the employer is bound by ever more elaborate and complex obligations to protect workers’ health and safety.

The duties that our system requires each entrepreneur to respect in this ambit are also governed by criminal law, so criminal risk must be faced and managed with the same rigour and expertise with which the company faces and manages every risk factor connected to productive activity.

In this perspective, we support our clients in the management of criminal risk in its various forms, before reaching the criminal trial.

We therefore assist the company, for example, in the preparation of adequate structures of proxies, in order to guarantee the necessary balance between tasks effectively carried out by the individual and the related liability. Furthermore, we support our clients in the management of every problem with a potential criminal impact perttaining to the safeguarding of health and safety in the workplace, proposing solutions and preventive remedies tailored for the characteristics and the specific needs of each client.

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