Corporate criminal law, financial markets and bankruptcy

The daily life of a company, particularly if it is large, is exposed to a variety of criminal risks, at times not immediately apparent to those without specific expertise in the matter.

There are risks connected to: drafting of company books; relations with the public watchdogs; relations with the public administration in general or with auditing firms; participation in public tenders; management of sensitive data, particularly for companies listed in regulated markets or working in financial markets. Consideration needs to be given to the characteristics of the security positions which fall, for example, on a director with powers as compared to a director without powers or a member of the board of auditors, and which determine substantial differences of behaviour and varying degrees of liability, even in the presence of the same criminal offence. delle medesime fattispecie penali.

In this varied and complex panorama of criminal risks typically of a corporate, financial or bankruptcy nature, we help leading Italian and multinational companies, offering criminal legal assistance and a broad range of criminal consultancy services.

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